Our local delivery generally encompasses the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and it's surrounding cities.

Orders received by 4pm Monday through Friday will generally be delivered then next business day.

If a backorder occurs, we do our best to contact the purchaser no later than the following morning to let them know the status of the backorder. In many cases, backordered items will be delivered the following day, but sometimes items can take longer or may not be available. In those cases, you will be informed as to your options.

If you are ordering a business critical item required for next day use for a meeting, etc., you may want to call customer service to check stock. If in stock, you should have no problem getting your item on time, BUT unexpected, outside forces in distribution logistics can occur, so please take that in to consideration in your order planning.


If you are outside our local delivery area, your orders will be delivered by UPS in most cases.

Your orders can still be delivered the next day to 95% of the nation. There are some small pockets where 2 - 3 day delivery may occur.

Important notes:

Place your orders as early as possible. If your company uses an approval system, this is even more important since that order will not be in our hands until your approver sends it to us.

Some items are non-UPSable. Look for the UPS icon online. If missing, that item cannot ship UPS. If your order has a non-UPSable item, that will cause your entire order to be shipped common carrier. This could result in your order being delayed 7 - 10 days.

Also consider the weight of your entire order. If the complete order approaches 500 pounds, that could also cause your order to ship common carrier, which would result in delays. Copy paper is usually the biggest culprit. A carton of letter size copy paper is 52lbs and legal size is 67lbs. This should help you to estimate the order shipping weight. If you are outside our local delivery area and are interested in ordering furniture or other non-UPSable items, we ask that you call us first, so we will be able to work out the best logistics plan for your order.
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